IT Consulting

Business consultation through technology-based solutions tailored to the Aviation industry.

Services & Solutions

A broad spectrum of services covering the development and functioning aspects of the system.

Products & Software

One-stop tools for easing the functions and operations of the administration as well as the employees.

Our Primary Products

StatMach & In Flight App act as one stop tools providing cost effective solutions, thereby easing the functions and operations of the business for administration as well as the employees

Aviation Reporting Tool


For Crew Management and more..

In-Flight App

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How to make Boarding a Safe Process amid COVID-19?

From bingo boarding to virtual queueing, we are going to talk about some recent innovations that airlines and airports have initiated to streamline the boarding process and minimise human intervention amid COVID-19.

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Leveraging Blockchain Technology in the Aviation Sector

The Blockchain technology came to light when Bitcoin was launched and became significant all over the world with its enormous traction.

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RayMach: Improving the Aviation Industry with Information Technology

Information Technology is an indispensable tool when it comes to any major industry. From scheduling tasks to processing reports and data management, the role of software is irreplaceable.

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