Raymach Technologies Mission Statement


Our mission is to serve customers with quality and remarkable efficiency, thereby increasing their On-Time Performance.

Raymach Technologies Vision Statement


Our vision is to automate & optimise the processes of the Aviation industry and highlight the scope of improvement & profitability in terms of time & cost.

Raymach Technologies About
Raymach Technologies Automizing
Raymach Technologies Optimizing

Automating & Optimising the processes of the Aviation Industry.

RayMach Technologies Pvt Ltd provides business consulting along with products and services tailored to the Aviation industry. Thriving on the vision of optimising and automating business operations and processes, we emphasise the scope of advancement in different departments including crew management, flight management, engineering, revenue, etc.


Mudit Verma Raymach Technologies
Co-Founder & CEO

Mudit Verma

With an experience of working in Aerospace and Aviation Industry, Mudit brings in his own skill set in leading a team of experts at RayMach. He is in constant pursuit of our brand’s mission and vision.