Raymach Technologies Services

Mobility Solutions

Ensures business continuity by reducing operational costs and improving service delivery.

Raymach Technologies Services

Manpower Consulting

Gives access to skilled candidates, thereby saving time and money and ensuring business growth

Raymach Technologies Services

Business Consulting

Helps in attaining an outside perspective and further helps in introducing a new business skill.

Raymach Technologies Services

Process & System Development

Helps in the process of defining, designing, testing, and implementing a new software application.

Raymach Technologies Services

System Integration & Assignment

Makes administration easier, and helps in better analysis of business operations along with improved system security.

Raymach Technologies Services

Customized Solutions

Helps in covering the specific needs of your business enterprise and ensures an increase in productivity.

Our Key Focus Areas

Providing digitally powered manpower solutions for crew and staff.
Providing expertise in baggage management and cargo tracking system, thereby, reducing the delay mechanism.
Providing solutions for managing In-Flight issue report, integrating operation database and business intelligence reporting.
Providing 360-degree technical solutions pertaining to maintenance, repair, and operations.
Providing digital solutions for building customised reports such as - Passenger Unit Cost, Revenue, Profit & Market Distribution Report, Revenue Passenger - KM, Ticket Count Per Sector and many more.
Providing digital solutions targeted towards minimising human intervention in managing airport operations related to check-in, security, baggage drop, ground staff management, etc.

Services We Endorse

Auto bidding Leave Management System ACARS, SSIM, ASM, SSM Integration Development of Flight Data Monitoring
Development of Fatigue Risk Management System Integration of MRO (AMOS), Crew Management, Flight Ops solutions Dynamic Report System Delivery & Integration
Cargo Tracking and reduce delay mechanism Assessment of all IT systems & suggest optimised processes Integration Management for all modules in an airline
Provides expertise in Sabre, AIMS, Merlot & ARMS ERP solutions Development of Manpower Solutions for crew & staff Provides expertise in Inventory & Asset Management System
Fully Customizable Options Risk Management One Click Demo Content Importer
Efficient & Effective

Understanding the business and backing it with innovative technical solutions

Center of Innovation

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